A Bit of Joy Goes a Long Way

I have been teaching a modular class on Church History in a Bible School near where we live. I usually teach mission courses, so it was an interesting challenge to broaden myself.

One of my students came up to me and said, “Sir, I think we met before.” It was certainly possible, I have lived in Baguio for 11 years. But he went on to say,

“I used to be involved in a children’s ministry in the center of town, “Kids for Christ.”

Ahhh… sure. It was a ministry that we were involved in for a couple of years early in our time in the Philippines. Some Korean friends of ours had a ministry with the “City Market Kids”… a group of children that would typically be described as “at risk.”  They, and a local church in town did most of the work, but we partnered with a medical mission, and a couple of special activities. Later, when our friends left Baguio, we funded a considerable amount of the cost of the activity for another year or so. After that, we handed off the rest of the responsibility to the church as we set us “Divine Love Kids Club” in a couple of barangays in the city.

My student was one of the children with Kids for Christ, and now he was working with a local church and being trained to be a missionary. It is nice to hear some happy endings. We know some others who have gone through these programs and are doing good now. But we also have known some who have struggled. And many, we just don’t know how they are. It is a thing of joy to know that we had a part, however small, in transforming a life and inspiring them to serve God.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” -III John 2

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