Munson Music

Music is not our primary ministry.  But sometimes happy to help.


Above was a couple of weeks ago when we led worship at Baguio International Church. That is only the 2nd time we have done this. Actually, we were asked another time but had to back out because of family illness.  On this day we led four songs:

 Banal Mong Tahanan  (Your Holy Home).  This is a Tagalog worship song

  Thank You Lord (… for the trials that come my way). Love it when done in bossa nova

   For You Alone Also nice done with with a bit of a Latin beat

   Lonesome Valley Medley Lonesome Valley is an old gospel folk song. We added verses

from Jesus Loves Me, and Amazing Grace. Makes a great Western song when

conga drums are used mimicking the sound of a galloping horse.

Celia and have joined the choir at church. Actually it has been good so far. Celia is singing Soprano, and Bob is singing bass. We are also working on the Christmas cantata. looks like Bob is going to be singing a solo for that. He is not sure how he feels about that.

Joel still is taking his music seriously, although he has reduced his work in putting songs up on His most popular song is still “Livin’”. His page on Soundcloud is HERE.

Becky loves to play piano and keyboard. She is a bit sad that we had to let go of our piano. She likes to take songs she likes (especially classical or semi-classical music), turn it into sheet music, and then learn to play them. Esther decided to learn to play the flute last year. She still plays at times, but she still prefers to sing.


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