Trip off of the Map

The following are photos from a trip to a place that is off teh map. It is Sangilo, in the Municipal District of Itogon, in Benguet Province (Philippines). I could not find it on a map. It was either not recognized as a place, or it showed a dot in the middle of nothing. In fact, it was a mining community on private land (owned by the mining company).

Bob’s Missions Class (MI-B-3) had planned it for a seminar to parents in Family Relationships. Another of his Mission classes (MI-B-1) assisted. Our son, Joel, was one of the organizers since he is in the MI-B-3 class. Celia was one of the two speakers they had arranged to speak. It was quite successful. They had planned on approximately 20 parents coming. They had 17 parents attend, with 20 children. The children had activities led by teammembers, while the parents had lectures, activities, and discussion.

We are happy with the job the Mission classes did. Our hope that the nearby church that the class partnered with, will be able to leverage the activity for future ministry.

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