Esther’s Photos

Esther has been taking some close up photos around our place. Here are some of them.


A Butterfly that has been hanging around our yard. I think it is a Junonia hedonia or “Chocolate Argus’ butterfly.


We always check the mulberry tree for fruit when we leave our house


Rock Rose


Very interesting spider that hangs outside of our main entrance to our house. We have seen several in the Baguio area. It has a shield on its back that looks like a scary face. Probably this is to make it look bigger and more intimidating to others. However, it leaves us alone and collects small insects in its web.


Coffee flowers. The are fragrant. I think of them a bit like Jasmine… but you have to get quite close to them to smell them normally. Celia thinks that they have a bit of an unroasted coffee smell to them.

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