Quirino Ministry Trip

We had a wonderful trip to Maddela, in Quirino Province. It is about 5-6 hours drive from Baguio City. We went as a Bukal Life Care project to train up pastors, and lay ministers of the Agape Christian Ministries of the Philippines. It is an organization of churches and churchplanters there. They were being trained in pastoral counseling.

Celia and I went. Celia was the lead lecturer because she speaks Ilocano. Joel, our son, also joined and helped with the music, and small group discussion. He doesn’t speak Ilocano very well, but does speak Tagalog. Also joining were several of our CPE trainees– Lyn, Dorina, Christine, and Chiqui. It was a great time with approximately 32 trained over two days.

Afterwards, we took a quick trip down to Aurora Province to see the beaches there, and visit with some old friends— The Philips, and Ghaz.

Some of our CPE trainees went to Pampanga instead to lead some training with youth. It certainly has been an exciting week.

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