Books Update

Greetings to all again.

Here are updates on two books we are working on right now, and on this 2nd semester at seminary.

1. Book #1. I have completed my first draft of my book, “Dialogue in Diversity.” It is for my class, “Dialogue with Asian Religions.” When I say the first draft is done, that may be an exaggeration. It is only 112 pages long, and I would probably want it ot be around 130 pages, and then endnotes, index, and references to bring it up to closer to 150 pages. I call it my first draft, because I gave electronic copies to my students. My hope is that they will help me figure out what to do to finish the book. I wrote it because I was struggling to find resource materials for my class. Some writers speak of dialogue from a “common ground approach”— often relativizing one’s own beliefs. Other writers tend to see dialogue in terms of argument or apologetics— coming up clever arguments to convince people to become Chriistians. I have seen little to no evidence that argument changes people’s minds. I try to deal iwith those approaches, but then focus on an approach that is between those two– focusing on mutual understanding with the recognition that such mutual understanding greatly breaks down hindrances to transformation. Hopefully early in 2019 I will have the book done to my satisfaction to formally complete.

2. Book #2. Celia and I have been working on another book for a LONG time. It is called “Dynamics in Pastoral Care.” It is a sequel (sort of) to our first collaboration “The Art of Pastoral Care.” We use that many of our trainings and is easily the most popular book I (or in this case, we) have written. We have been asked by a number of people when we will finish the second one. It has been slow. We are now over 100 pages… but many of the remaining topics are the most challenging. We are trudging through a chapter on family systems right now. The goal is that we will have a first draft done by March 2019 so that our summer trainees can use it and help us fix it. After that, maybe by July of 2019, it will go up on Amazon along with the rest.

3.  Other books that we have done are on Amazon at My Amazon Page

4. Busy Teaching. In some ways our schedule is not as bad as sometimes in the past. We teach 2 and a half days a week. Not that bad. But I am teaching 3 classes by myself (Dialogue, Intro to Missions, and Strategy and Planning of Missions), Celia teahes one class by herself (Interpersonal Relationships), and we sort of co-teach a couple of classes (Clinical Pastoral Orientation) and Clinical Pastoral Education). All the classes are enjoyable so far.

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