Two Months into Quarantine

Yesterday, I was reading some of my own


Celia Shopping in Quarantine (and color-coordinated)

posts on my main blog ( and read one from 2014. It talked about the stress, fear, and uncertainty I felt in 2004 when we first came to the Philipines. It spoke of how God brought us through that time. It also spoke of the stress, fear, and uncertainty we were feeling at the end of 2014 due to some radical changes that came our way around that time. They were serious enough that we thought we would have to drop out of missions by 2016, return to the US and I would have to try to de-rust my VERY rusty engineering skills and learn a lot of new technology. Well, we are still here. This was in part due to support from you all in prayer and finances, and some divine surprises along the way. If you are interested, the article is

Last Sunday I was supposed to preach one sermon live and one online. However, some people had been found walking around the barangay (neighborhood) without facemasks so the mayor added some additional restrictions on our community. Therefore I did one online sermon for the PBTS student community FB group and then one for our church’s FB group.

Two days ago was the first time Celia has gone off the seminary campus in two months. She is 60 so she is not supposed to (quarantine rules) leave the house except for necessities. We walked to the supermarket and walked home with an awful lot of necessities. Yesterday, Esther made oatmeal cookies. Celia is thinking about making apple pie. We were able to find some apples (imported of course… not enough chill hours here in the Cordilleras, for apple trees to fruit). The mango pie with almond meal crumble she made a few days ago was awesome.
Tomorrow Baguio City is supposed to transition from Enhanced Community Quarantine, ECQ, to General Community Quarantine, GCQ. Some things will relax, but a lot of things won’t change for us. We still can’t leave the Philippines. Celia is still not supposed to leave the house, and there are still to be no religious services. Therefore, I will continue preaching online and we are promoting household prayer and Bible study groups.
Screenshot 2020-05-15 08.55.45

Online Preaching

Things are less stressful for us (I know not everyone can relate to this). 2019 was pretty hectic, and so it is good. Celia is still supervising an SIT (Supervisor in Training) of a CPE group. She does a little pastoral counseling, but only one was face-to-face. The rest have been by phone or chat. I am working on my online class in Cultural Anthropology. Actually, two of my three professors in Cultural Anthropology are in this newsletter’s mailing list, so Thanks Very Much. It is going okay. The online class should start on August 11 and continue for 15 weeks. I may have to teach at least one more class (not sure which one) online. We are considering Celia leading an online CPE group, or perhaps supervising and SIT who would lead an online CPE group. Celia and I are a little over halfway through the Missionary Member Care course that we are taking online as students. It has been good. Like most refresher courses, it is not about learning wildly new things, but about honing the skills one already has, seeing some gaps in one’s learning that need to be filled, and envisioning new ways and places to use these skills.
Screenshot 2020-05-18 20.16.25

My First Online Child Dedication


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