Being a Blessing in Lockdown

The following is a message a friend of ours shared. They are in neighborhood lockdown right now because of a COVID case in their neighborhood. This was how they sought to be a blessing.

“Beginning the lockdown in our area the other day, we tried to be a blessing to the police force manning the checkpoint very near us. There are three teams.

I visited with different teams, and inquired what they might need. Neighbors are kind and generous to them. A few times we brought them snacks and viand: I brought them native stove, charcoal, match, kerosene.

My wife made cookies and donuts for them. She asked firewood from PBTS through the president’s wife, and the President along with two men delivered lots of firewood. He said if they need more I will just text him.

The other night, I handed them the key to our car in case they need a shelter or place to stretch: it is parked near their “station.”

Last night, I handed them again the key to the car. One of them asked me if I was the one who prayed for them the first night. “Yes,” I said. He continued, “it is better if you come over here every night and pray for us. We will appreciate that. We really need prayers.” “Sure,” I replied.

Then I led in prayer focusing on their service, as well as for their families.

A simple ministry. The food, the wood, the car, the prayer. And God.

I may not know their names. God does.

Purok 7 of Central Pinsao remains in a lockdown while the rest are now open in GCQ Mode. The simple, limited but “holistic” ministry continues.”

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