Joel’s Music Video and June 2020 Updates

Well, we should have been starting seminary classes at PBTS today… but the pandemic came along and disrupted things. Our family should have already been in the US, dropped off our daughters, and Celia and I back in the Philippines by now. But we haven’t been able to leave. Hopefully, we will be able to travel in July.

PBTS is starting in August, with a lot of online courses. I will be teaching two (Cultural Anthropology, and Missionary Member Care) and supervising a student instructor (Contemporary Issues in Missions). I was supposed to also teach a class at ABGTS, but thankfully that was put off to a later term.

Next Monday we plan to start CPE half unit intensive. Celia and I will be helping, but another will act as the Supervisor-in-Training. It may be online, or it may be live, or a mix. Still working that out.

Becky’s birthday will be in a couple of days. Can’t really “celebrate it right” but should be able to order pizza and Esther will bake a cake. It should be good.

Joel is getting back to work at Outback Steakhouse. He also is starting to ramp up things with a band he is part of, “Dream.wav”. They did a little at home live concert on FB.


Performing at Ivory Baptist Church in 2018

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