Not Much New…sletter. Nov 9, 2020

Greetings to everyone,
Not much has been happening over here in the last week or so. Watching a fair bit of Australian and British television. Sounds like things have been pretty dull everywhere. Is that true?

The typhoon that we had asked prayers about drifted further south than expected. It was always going to miss us in Baguio, but it was expected to hit places like Aurora, Manila, and Pampanga. Instead, it was mostly Bicol and Mindoro in the Philippines, and then parts of Vietnam. Our prayers go out to them, but thankfully, it hasn’t proved to be as destructive as some storms here. That is, of course, of little solace to those hit hardest.

Our work is still mostly online. I am still teaching teaching two classes, and facilitating a third. Celia is doing online counseling with several and leading an online support group. We were supposed to have our church online annual leadership meeting last Wednesday but it was postponed. We were supposed to have our online annual BOT meeting for our counseling center a week or two ago, but we are polling the board members about postponing it until 2021.

Picture from 2017

I am still continuing to work on my book on Missions Theology. I started it 5 or 6 years ago, but then stopped when I migrated a lot of the information into my writing on interreligious dialogue. However, I have decided to finish it. Haven’t decided if I will publish it, or just put it on my website (  Strangely, I have been getting a lot more views on the website in the last several weeks. I normally get around 900-1000 views a month… which isn’t much, but still not that bad for a little WordPress blogsite on topics that are simply not likely to ever go viral (Christian missions, missions theology, history of missions). However, last month I had over 1600 views, and this month seems to be on track for closer to 2000. Perhaps it is because of people staying home more and websurfing. However, my views actually took a dip during the peak of the lockdowns, so not sure how that all works. Maybe it is just a blip

Yes, now you see what happens when not much is going on.  I end up talking about website views, and postponed meetings. Still 2020 has been somewhat good for us. 2019 was super busy. We probably needed this (somewhat busy, but less so) year for rest. 2021 is more our worry year as we still are determined to take Becky back to the States. Because of the rules in the Philippines, we are not so sure when we can come back to the Philippines. If we must stay in the US for awhile things will be a LOT more expensive. It may not be allowed until there is general dissemination of a vaccine. Also, although we hope the Becky’s health will improve in the US, there is no way to be certain about this, so we are not sure how fast Becky can transition to independent living, school, and/or employment.

We are thankful that God has been faithful over the last several years. For us 2012 was a very difficult year, as was 2015, and 2017. 2020 is not probably not even in our top 5 as far as “challenge years” but for many, it has been a very tough year. Let us know how things are going with you.


Bob and Celia

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