“Vacation” Over

We were planning to visit the US from June to August. However, things came up and we are still here. However, that doesn’t mean that we can stay on vacation the whole time. <Note: our time here has been fairly challenging so vacation is not quite the right word… but things are starting to slip into place.>

I preached online at our church in Baguio this last Sunday, and then sent a video of my sermon for chapel at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (for September 28th).

Celia joined a Philippine Member Care (KALMA) online gather for missionaries and missionary supporters this morning. It was a productive time as well as supportive for those involved.

I am finishing up catching up on my online class I am teaching this semester. It has been a challenge with me 12 timezones away, and myself and one of my students having COVID. And now I am starting to prepare for my next class that will start up in 3 weeks (Dialogue with Asian Faiths).

Mark’s Proposal Board

Celia and I also helped one of our former students from Maranatha Bible College. He is now a teacher at a Bible school and was seeking resources for a class he is teaching. I believe we were able to help him.

It is our hope to return to the Philippines in perhaps 2 or 3 months. Regardless, it is good that we are able to minister from a distance while we wait for some things to come together.

Celia with Aunt and Cousin

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