May 2022 Updates

Well, the stay that was only supposed to be 2 months became 12 months. However, after a year in the United States, we are heading back to the Philippines!! Celia and I are departing on June 9. All three of our children will stay in the US. This is new for us. Joel moved to the US in 2018, Esther in 2020, and Becky in 2021. They all seem to be doing fairly well. We are so thankful for that. Now it is our turn to get back to work.

Shortly after getting back to the Philippines, classes start again at PBTS and ABGTS. Looking forward to having mixed classes (both face-to-face and online).

About a week after we return to the Baguio, I will be dedicating a church building. The churchplant that we have been a part of, CNB Christian Fellowship, will finally have its own church building. It is on Dominican Hill. Work started on it in January and is being finished this month. In the four years of our church’s existence, it has had 6 places (not counting online). It will be nice to have a permanent home.

On May 5th, Joel had an exciting opportunity to perform at the WHRO-sponsored event. The Emerging Leaders Board set up a contest of singer-songwriters. Joel was one of six selected. Two of his songs were played on WHRV, and then he performed two songs on May 5. Joel had a great time, and served to validate a lot of the hard work he has been doing in terms of writing and performing.

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