How Can You Help

Financial Support

  • One can send financial support to the “Philippine Missions Fund” at our sending church Make sure it is designated to “Philippine Missions Fund.” For Americans, this is the only way to send us support that is tax deductible. (We have never set up a 501c3 corporation.) This fund is not for our personal needs, but for ministry projects or programs.    Spring Hill Baptist Church 2620 Frays Mill Road • Ruckersville, Virginia 22968 • 434-973-7473 | Email:|  Web:
  • Some of our regular supporters send gifts directly to our US Bank Account. This helps us greatly  since it can be used for our personal needs (which right now are greater than what we receive). However, as noted above, such giving doesn’t meet the criteria for tax deductibility for Americans.  If you are interested in this, just email us at

Other Ways to Support

  • Consider buying one of our books. We have several now. They are on missions or pastoral care. They are available on HERE
  • Read our blogs. Outside of this one are three more. If one post strikes you as especially interesting or valuable, consider sharing it on your FB, Twitter, or other social media account.
  • Contact us so we can add you to our Prayer newsletter. We don’t really send out fancy newsletters. It is usually just a straight-up email. But it lets you know what has been going on and how you can pray effectively for our ministry work here.
  • And as the previous note suggests, your prayers are always appreciated. And a direct email to us is also welcomed.
  • Some missionaries invite groups for short-term missions. We are open to that, but it is also true that the work we do tends to be more targeted towards specialized ministries, such as chaplaincy, missionary training, pastoral counseling, and hospital and jail ministry. As such, people with unique skills in these areas are very welcome (our seminary here, PBTS, always is short of qualified professors for pastoral care and counseling. Even a short visit like 1 week or 2 weeks can be useful for a training module). For a larger group, or a “missions encounter” type of work, you are welcome to email us and we can talk about it. If we cannot accommodate you, we do know some missionaries and groups that may be able to assist.

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