Who Are We?????

We are the Munsons. You probably already guessed that. Bob and Celia Munson, and our three children Joel, Becky, and Esther, have served in Baguio City, Philippines in 2004. We were commissioned and sent out by our home church, Spring Hill Baptist Church (www.springhillbaptist.org). Soon after we were accepted in the Venturer Program of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board (www.vbmb.org) and then the Ambassador Program of the VBMB. Before going on mission, Bob was a mechanical engineer with a major defense contractor. Celia was a nurse.

Munson Family Card 2014 a

We helped co-found Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center back in 2009. We are focused on training in areas of pastoral care, crisis care, CPE, and chaplaincy training. Additionally, Celia and I teach Missionary Member Care, and provide counseling in this area with those involved in missions (particularly Filipinos involved in cross-cultural missions).  We also periodically are heavily involved in Disaster Response, particularly with regards to training and traumatic stress defusing.  Feel Free to Click Here:  Bukal Life Care

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Both of us also are Missionary Faculty at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS). Bob teaches Missions courses, and serves as Dean of Students. Celia teaches Pastoral Care courses. Bob also serves on the faculty of Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary.

Our son, Joel, is working on his bachelor’s degree in theology at PBTS. Becky and Esther are students at Saint Louis University working on degrees in Elementary Education and Nursing, respectively.


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